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Kids truly are amazing. They really do get faith and don’t complicate it in ways adults do.

If I give everything to the people of my church and have nothing left for my children, I have missed the mark.

Susanna Wesley had an apron; I have noise-cancelling headphones.

How do we as adults give our best in light of challenges like those we’ve experienced in the past couple of years?

Too often in life I focus on the “wind and the waves”—things I can’t control.

God loves us and just wants to spend time with us in the little moments as well as the big ones.

The world may not articulate it, but it is desperate for the people of God to shine light in the darkness.

God is inviting us to a deep relationship and joy!
There are so many miracles that happen all around us.

We do not have to be troubled by the fear of what might come, but can rest assured in the hope that Christ goes with us.