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He helped the church develop global strategy for missions leading to internationalization...

Brown was deeply invested in social ministries.

The advent of the television age was revolutionizing communications.

Bresee challenged the race line and the gender line by bringing Amanda Smith to preach to his congregation.

They [elders] are not ordained “a minister in the Church of the Nazarene” but “a minister in the Church of God.”

Over her years of service, Speicher examined nursing students for the Mid-India Board of Nurses and revised obstetrics and midwifery workbooks in the local language.

He believed himself called, especially, to higher education and its administration.

For several decades, every Nazarene district had a Prohibition Committee.

Regional prejudices still influenced Americans and their churches over forty years after the (Civil) war, and yet Jernigan and Bresee proved willing to reach across the social and political divide.

"He (Phineas Bresee) baptized one man in a church board meeting and others in the Pacific Ocean’s surf on several occasions.”