Pensions and Benefits USA provides $500 a month in long-term disability insurance coverage and a survivor benefit to eligible U.S. pastors whose churches pay at least $1 of their P&B Fund allocation. The amount of the survivor benefit is based on the age of the participant: $30,000 for ministers age 50 and under; $15,000 for ministers age 51 to 70; and $7,500 for ministers age 71 to 75. We also offer supplemental life and disability coverage at reasonable rates.

To learn more about our insurance offerings and rates, check out this resource. To apply for Supplemental Group Term Life Insurance, visit here. To apply for Supplemental Long-Term Disability coverage, visit here.

Money to provide the survivor benefits and disability insurance coverage comes from support of the P&B Fund by churches like yours. On behalf of the ministers of our church, thank you!