The Least You Need to Know

2021 April news 1A minister’s life is a busy life. With caring for a congregation, preparing sermons, attending meetings, spending time with family, and sometimes working a second job, pastors have no time to waste. So, we won’t waste yours.

Over the years, Pensions and Benefits has identified five basic financial situations for which every pastor should be prepared. They are:

  • What happens when I get paid?
  • What happens when I get sick?
  • What happens if I become disabled?
  • What happens if I die too soon?
  • What happens if I live too long?

It’s important that pastors understand how to be compensated properly to accommodate their unique tax status, that they prepare for emergencies with health, life, and disability insurance, and that they save for retirement. Our website ( is filled with resources offering guidance in matters such as these.

Also, Pensions and Benefits provides eligible ministers with complimentary life and disability insurance, as well as a 403(b) retirement plan with tax advantages now and in retirement. We even add supplemental payments (APS) to the accounts of ministers whose churches contribute to the P&B Fund.*

But most importantly, P&B is here for pastors—all the way from first assignment through retirement.

Got questions? Email or phone 888-888-4656. We’ll help with what you need to know.

*Certain conditions apply. See the P&B-Provided Benefits Guide at this link for details.