Helpful Benefits You May Not Be Aware Of

2021 news 1Pastors eligible for long-term disability and Survivor Benefit coverage or who purchase supplemental insurance from Pensions and Benefits USA are also eligible for additional services from The Hartford, our insurance underwriter. These include cost-comparisons and pre-planning for funerals; emotional, financial, and legal counseling services; estate planning, such as the ability to create an online will; travel assistance; and more.

Pastors whose churches contribute to the P&B Fund allocation automatically receive $500 a month in long-term disability coverage, as well as a Survivor Benefit of up to $30,000.*

Learn about the additional benefits available to ministers from The Hartford by visiting this link

To explore available supplemental insurance options, consult this resource.

*Ministers age 50 or less receive a $30,000 survivor benefit. See this link for other coverages and eligibility requirements.