All It Takes Is a Dollar

2021 news 1When a U.S. Nazarene church pays between a dollar and 49% of their P&B Fund apportionment, they provide their eligible pastor with a $500 monthly disability benefit. Beyond this, the pastor also receives Survivor Benefit coverage of up to $30,000.* When a church pays nothing, the pastor receives no benefit.

From time to time, we receive notice of the disability or death of a pastor whose church has failed to pay their P&B allocation. In such cases, we may be able to provide a small measure of benevolence, but it doesn’t go far.

Most Nazarene pastors, however, will serve to retirement. For these men and women, supporting the P&B Fund is especially important, since payment of at least 50% results in the placement of Annual Pension Supplements (APS) in their 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan accounts. APS support increases when a church pays its allocation in full.

When a congregation contributes to the P&B Fund, they not only help their pastor, but those serving in other churches across their district and the U.S. region. Unfortunately, in 2020, 26% of our churches paid nothing. By the way, Pensions and Benefits receives no World Evangelism Fund (WEF) support.

All it takes is a dollar. But we encourage churches to do much more, because giving to the P&B Fund is the lifeblood of the benefits and services we provide for more than 17,000 active and retired ministers, spouses, widows, and church-employed laypersons.

Giving to the P&B Fund is one of the best investments your church will ever make in the life of your pastor. If you have questions, contact us at or 888-888-4656.

*Survivor Benefit for active eligible ministers age 50 and under is $30K, $15K for age 51 to 70, and $7.5K for age 71 to 75. The Survivor Benefit for retired ministers (and active over age 75) is based on years of service: 10 to 20 = $1.5K; 21 to 30 = $3K; 31+ = $6K. See the P&B-Provided Benefits Guide for details on eligibility.