Pastors commit themselves to the care of everyone in their congregations—it’s the nature of their call. But it’s not uncommon for them to be truly close to only one or two persons in their church. Such individuals serve their pastor as a trusted friend, confidante, and encourager—an advocate.

The Greek word for advocate is used five times in the New Testament. The general meaning describes one who comes alongside us when we need encouragement or assistance.

Most pastors have at least one advocate in their congregation with whom they can confidentially speak their minds, share their dreams, joys, fears, and hurts. These are trusted men and women who offer counsel and who want their ministers to thrive and be the most successful servant leaders they can be. If you’re a pastor, it’s likely you have in mind your own advocate right now.

Pensions and Benefits USA is working to connect with these valuable encouragers. The reason for this is that we know ministers sometime feel uncomfortable talking to the members of their board about financial matters that affect themselves. We’re talking about topics like compensation, retirement, health care, and insurance. Our desire is to keep someone informed who can discuss these issues with you and perhaps with others in your church.

So, we’re asking every U.S. pastor to consider sharing the name and contact information for his or her advocate. If you will do this, we’ll contact them to ask for permission to send our newsletters and occasionally other information related to ministerial finance. We pledge to hold the name of the advocate you submit in confidence.

Being a pastor’s advocate isn’t a formal position. It’s simply a person who looks out for the well-being of the local shepherd when they need someone to come alongside them. We invite you to tell us about your advocate by visiting http://pbusa.org/advocate.

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