May-June 2015



May - June 2015 Pensions and Benefits USA, Church of the Nazarene


A Minute with Don – Don Walter
Jesus Never Retired
God, Government, and Me–Money in the Church – Dan Busby
Proper Handling of Short-term Mission Trip Funds
It's Your Money – Keith Schwanz
Insightful Questions
Around the Corner – Justine Knight
Church Tech – Mark Evilsizor
Telling Stories with Pictures
Pressing On – Daron Brown
Reaching Out After Ordination
Health and Wellness – Nazarene Parish Nursing
When Do Antibiotics Work?

Laughter in the Church

Behind the Pulpit with Pastor Buck – Steve Phelps

News and Other Info

Is Your Church in Violation of the Affordable Care Act?
How Did Your District Do in 2014?

Featured FAQs

The short-term trip participants for our church-sponsored mission trips are given a goal for the funds to raise for the church. The funding goal was $1,000 each. Some participants met the goal, some exceeded the goal and some fell short. We used some of the excess funds received to cover funding needs for those who fell short. Was this appropriate?

Our church sponsored a short-term mission trip with the expectation that each trip participant would raise enough funds to pay for expenses to cover their trip. Sally was ill on the day participants left for the trip and could not participate. The individuals who made gifts preferenced to support Sally’s participation requested their gifts back, so we refunded the money. Was this the right thing to do?

One of our mission trip participants chose not to raise gifts which the church could use to fund her trip. Instead, she funded and paid all expenses herself. She asked the church for a noncash charitable gift acknowledgment. Should we have provided the acknowledgment to her?


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