March - April 2016


March - April 2016 Pensions and Benefits USA, Church of the Nazarene


A Minute with Don – Don Walter
The Teacher's Tips to Retirement Planning
God, Government, and Me–Money in the Church – Dan Busby
God Cares More About Accountability Than We Do
It's Your Money – Keith Schwanz
Credit Ratings and Marital Success
Dear Perky
Sprinkle, Pour, or Dunk?
Church Tech – Mark Evilsizor
Liberating the Music Within You—GarageBand
Pressing On – Daron Brown
The Means to the Mission
To Your Health – Steven Burns
From Death To Life—Organ Donation

Laughter in the Church

Behind the Pulpit with Pastor Buck – Steve Phelps

News and Other Info

Save for Retirement and Enjoy Tax Benefits Now
Ministers Fail to Take Advantage of Retirement Accounts
Tax Helps for Ministers/Treasurers Now Available
View or Download 2016 Annual Report for Pensions and Benefits USA

Featured FAQs

We offer electronic giving opportunities to church attenders. Our external computer consultant set up the giving arrangement with an online vendor and she is the only person who communicates with the vendor concerning our account. What are the possible implications?

Our church employs a finance director who reports to the church business administrator. The finance director reconciles all of the accounts each month and those reconciliations are reviewed and approved by the business administrator. Is this adequate?


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