July-August 2014



July - August 2014Pensions and Benefits USA, Church of the Nazarene


A Minute with Don – Don Walter
Navigating Change
God, Government, and Me–Money in the Church – Dan Busby
Harmony in the Church
It's Your Money – Keith Schwanz
Moving Towards a New Day
Around the Corner – Justine Knight
Church Tech – Mark Evilsizor
Playing It Safe—Eliminating Your Computer as a Target for Hacking
Past to Present - Stan Ingersol
Fannie McDowell Hunter
Pressing On – Daron Brown
Reading In Conference
Health and Wellness – Nazarene Parish Nursing
Feeling Stressed?

Laughter in the Church

Behind the Pulpit with Pastor Buck – Steve Phelps

News and Other Info

Fellowship Celebrates Eight Years
P&B USA Launches Compensation Calculator
A Beneficiary Designation Trumps a Will— What You Need to Know
25% Will Become Disabled—Are You Prepared?

Featured FAQs

With a district court in Wisconsin ruling the housing exclusion unconstitutional for clergy living in homes they provide, should congregations consider transitioning to church-provided housing?

Is it proper to change the annual budget for a church once it has been approved?

What is the status of the atheist’s lawsuit that would require the federal government to enforce the tax code’s campaign prohibition against churches?

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