January-February 2016


january - February 2016 Pensions and Benefits USA, Church of the Nazarene


A Minute with Don – Don Walter
Old Trails and New Purposes
God, Government, and Me–Money in the Church – Dan Busby
Countdown to Tax Time
It's Your Money – Keith Schwanz
When Retirement Planning Hits Government Road Bumps
Dear Perky
I Can’t Play the Piano!
Church Tech – Mark Evilsizor
“Computer, Set Course for 2016.”
Pressing On – Daron Brown
Rearranged by Love
To Your Health - Steven Burns
Turning Over New Leaves in 2016

Laughter in the Church

Behind the Pulpit with Pastor Buck – Steve Phelps

News and Other Info

ECFA Offers Free Subscription to Nazarene Ministers
NBC Teams with P&B USA for Finance Training

Featured FAQs

Our church engaged a speaker for a special event we sponsored in 2015. We paid her an honorarium of $750 plus substantiated travel expenses of $414.59. Is the church required to issue a Form 1099-MISC to this speaker for 2015?

Our church contracts with an unincorporated individual for janitorial work. Payments of $4,000 were made for these cleaning efforts during 2015. Is the church required to issue a Form 1099-MISC to the provider of the janitorial services?

Our church operates a preschool as an activity of the church. Are we required to annually file Form 5578?


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