About Us

About Us

The Pensions and Benefits USA (P&B) team is committed to serving Nazarene districts, local churches, ministers (active and retired), and lay persons in the United States (U.S.) in providing retirement and insurance benefits, as well as tax and compensation resources. We administer the only denominationally-approved retirement plans for Nazarene churches and institution employees in the U.S. These plans provide significant tax advantages.


P&B serves the Church of the Nazarene by providing (and educating ministers about) uniquely designed benefit plans and related services, assisting our constituents through significant life transitions, and conveying the importance of support for the P&B Fund.


People covered under the benefit plans that P&B administers are called participants. Participants would be those who are currently serving or have served the Church of the Nazarene in a local, general church, or district church setting. All U.S. educators would also be considered participants. Specifically, they would include all U.S. ordained/licensed/commissioned ministers, evangelists, district superintendents, missionaries, chaplains, directors of Christian Education, directors of music, business managers, and church-employed lay people.


P&B is served by 17 dedicated professionals, both clergy and lay. Together, the P&B staff has over 200 years of experience and they work to serve, educate, and inform the participants in our benefit plans.

Serving you are…

Administrative Staff
Don Walter, Director
Roger Creeden, Administrative Director
Ron Bell, Technology Supervisor
Mark Graham, Communication Resources Manager
Keith Hindman, Compliance and Benefits Manager
Lavonne Rieck, Office Manager

Support Staff
Emily Bartlett, Administrative Assistant
Ken Paynter, Software Developer/Programmer
Peggy Payton, Executive Assistant
Michael Thomasson, Technology Specialist
Mike Williams, Editor

Benefits Services Staff
Deb Ellis, Benefits Technician
Nancy Lovins, Sr. Benefits Technician
Charma Mathias, Benefits Technician
Janet Morgan, Sr. Benefits Technician
Randy Wilkinson, Sr. Benefits Technician